About CITD

Philip Arnoult with Russian and East African dancers at the GoDown Arts Center in Nairobi.

Philip Arnoult with Russian and East African dancers at the GoDown Arts Center in Nairobi.

The Center for International Theatre Development (CITD) was founded in 1990 by Philip Arnoult with the purpose of bringing together performing artists from around globe to work collaboratively on international, cross-cultural projects.

The work of CITD is, in essence, very simple.  CITD finds creative, hard-working people doing interesting work, makes connections to other artists with similar interests, finds way a for them to be in the same place at the same time, and gives them the time and space to create together.

In 2013, Philip began to refer to his process in four simple steps:

  • We show up
  • We witness
  • We help tell the stories
  • We help take the next steps

CITD was born out of a need that founder Philip Arnoult saw originally in American artists and audiences to see international work, particularly from parts of the world they might not see otherwise.  Arnoult originally realized this vision through the Baltimore Theatre Project, founded in 1971 in downtown Baltimore.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Arnoult brought world-class international and American “alternative” theater to receptive audiences in Baltimore, and gave the means to international artists to meet with American artists to create collaborative work at the Theatre Project.  Arnoult also brought two major festivals to the city.  in 1976, the TNT Festival presented over two dozen US companies from outside New York,  along with five international groups.  In 1986, under Arnoult’s leadership, Baltimore hosted the Theatre of Nations International Theatre Festival.

In 1990, Arnoult decided to step away from running the Theatre Project, and instead to expand his vision of bringing together international performance artists beyond the walls of the building.  He founded The Center for International Theatre Development, and for 22 years has fostered long-term, multi-country projects that result in mind-blowing cross-cultural performance.

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